About Us:
Team Leader Leads the various segment of Logistics which are Sea Cargo Consolidation for export and Import. Team Leader is a young and dynamic outfit headed by a vibrant and an ambitious management team with good experience of many years in the field of shipping & logistics.
Team Leader formed with the intention to provide value added solutions to the industry stuck in the labyrinth of international trade and logistics. We understand the need of the industry and through our consolidation services strive to ensure direct connectivity to major ports in the world thus ensuring minimum transit times, minimum re-handling at transhipment points and obviously provide the cheapest rates in the process.
We believe strongly in quality initiatives to constantly enhance our service levels and achieve customer delight. Team Leader with its professionalism and deep-rooted command in the logistics business strives every day, every minute to provide not  just quality service but something exceptional altogether.
Another feather in the cap:
Team Leader Logistics Pvt. Ltd, a leading name in providing varied logistics solutions, has been bestowed with a coveted honour for its services.
Global Archievers Foundation (GAF), an international organisation of repute working for the past many years in the services of th countrymen, had organised a function to honour individual contribution towards economic growth and social development, in New Delhi on September 24, 2016.
Teamleader Logistics was conferred the prestigious award for OUTSTANDING ACHIWVEMENT FOR LOGISTICS MANAGEMENT during a function held at the Deputy SpeakerHall, Constitution Club of India, New Delhi. This award is a feather in the cap for Teamleader Logistics, which recognises the company's expenditious growth and high-quality services levels archieved in just a few years since its inception.
The dignitaries gracing the dais during the award presentation were Ambassador Dr V. K. Soni (Retd), Indian Foreign Services, Sardar Joginder Singh, former Director, CBI, Mr Anees Durrani, Secretary, All India Congress Committee, Mr P. C. Naliwal, former Vice-Chairmen, Uttarakhand Prawasi Coordination and Welfare, Mrs Chennupati Vidya, former Member of Parliament, Andhra Pradesh, and Ms Samina Begum Malik, Chairperson, Minority Department, Manipur Pradesh Congress.
Teamleader's services encompass NVOCC operation, door-to-door, import/export, consolidation, groupage, Coustoms broker, ODC shipments, Custom house agency and air cargo operation, among others.
Teamleader has been consistently growing at over 10 per cent year-on-year, with its customer base and profitability continuously on the rise. Speaking on the occasion, Mr Soman Haridas, Managing Director, thanked all of the company's partners, employees, customers and well-wishers for this wonderful achievement.
Mr. Soman Haridas set new benchmark in the service industry on acquiring three prestigious awards for Teamleader and kept the Team of Teamleader logistics Pvt Ltd motivated through his multi fold years of rich experience. After achieving commendable status in society through his life work and achievement in the specific field, The Ecole Superrieure Universitaire Robert de Sorbon is a legal registered French Educational institution and their member of jury awarded the degree “Doctor of Business Administration” to Mr. Soman Haridas. This is often represented via the English honorific “Dr."
Dr. Soman Haridas is receiving his Doctorate Degree from Dr. John Thomas (France).
Teamleader Logistics Pvt Ltd recently awarded with Crisil rating SME-2 which reflects the level of creditworthiness of an SME, CRISIL SME Ratings is back with the latest on the Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSME) to strengthen connections and the flow of information within the Logistic & other sector, while shining a spotlight on the people who make a difference. The highlight of this issue is interview with Mr. Soman Haridas (Managing Director) in ET –Now the Business TV Channel, Wherein he discusses all the range of specific offerings the value added Services in the logistics industries & for SMEs, having grown its business in leaps and bounds through its focus on all MNC as well the small enterprises. But as a profitable business proposition, which marks the significance of the MSME sector and the role it plays in the country’s economy. Just watch out SME Emerging in ET- Now most popular business channel(CNBC).
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